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Greetings, Sponsor and/or Government official! This newsletter was sent to you as an invitation to the first ever 'Rebound Trial Season'! In collaboration with our Benefactors in the US Senate, we are proud to introduce the first season of America's next top Gameshow: Rebound Arena. In compliance with Section 17 of the 'Monetize Moral Violations' act, Rebound Arena is a high-intensity, extremely violent Gameshow where death row convicts are voluntarily put to battle and controlled by sponsors in our various battle modes:
Elimination, A winner-takes-all battle to rack up the most kills
Team Elimination, a team-based take on Elimination.
Last Man Standing, where the last contestant alive is victorious,
Capture The Flag, where you and your team asserts dominance by stealing the enemy's flag.
Arena, a 1 vs 1 fight for honor and glory!
This, tripled with our talented announcers, stunning visual technology, and top of the line audio systems, provides a entertaining and profitable medium to deal with over-populated prisons and boost economic growth by 200%. Don't believe us? Come to our public broadcast and see for yourself!
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Corrupted Pixel LLC
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