Of Guards and Thieves - Founder's Army Pack

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Informace o obsahu NOTE: This DLC only contains aesthetic content.
No "Pay to Win" and no kind of gameplay advantage content is included and never will be.Of Guards and Thieves - Founder's Army
Want to join the Founder's Army? Get the Founder's Army Pack today and unlock an unique
In-Game Badge plus a rich Skins and Avatars Collection instantly!Content list: Exclusive Founder's Army Badge
x12 Exclusive Founder's Army Class Skins
x12 Exclusive Founder's Army profile Avatars.
This DLC can only be purchased once per account.
Funders Army content is exclusive and only available for Founder's Army DLC owner.Content Overview
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Subvert Games
Subvert Games
Dátum vydania
15. pro. 2017