Dungeon Defenders II - Heroic Edition

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Informace o obsahu Be the Defender that Etheria needs (or deserves) with the Heroic Edition! This edition contains:

7,500 Gems to purchase Heroes, Tower Skins, Costumes and more.
5,000,000 Gold for a quick boost in leveling your loot.
The Dryad, Lavamancer and Mystic to add to your deck of heroes.
The Guardian of the Molten Citadel legendary costume for the Squire.
Five Campaign Shard Packs to gear up your heroes faster.
Five Chaos I Shard Packs and One Chaos II, III, and IV Shard Packs to gear up faster in the Trials.
Legendary Katkarot Pet to finally put your power level over 9000.
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Trendy Entertainment
Dátum vydania
20. čvn. 2017