Elsewhere High: Chapter 2 - A Visual Novel

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Informace o obsahu Some secrets are too big to keep.

Welcome to Chapter 2 of Elsewhere High, the kinetic visual novel that follows the story of a group of outcast students. After realizing that Elsewhere has its share of secrets, the band navigates this newly laid minefield. Who can be trusted? Who is an asset and who is a liability? The truth of their situation spreads more quickly than they would like, and it becomes clear that keeping secrets at Elsewhere is no easy task.

Chapter 2 is a direct continuation of its predecessor. It is a more robust continuation that is told through the eyes of different characters at different times. There are more characters, more pieces of artwork and more choices.

Dive into chapter 2 and come one step closer to finding out all that Elsewhere High is hiding. See you inside.
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Horizon Studio
Horizon Studio
Dátum vydania
31. bře. 2017