Formula E powered by Virtually Live

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Virtually Live, the true VR company, where fans can watch live events in virtual venues as if they were there, but better. Virtually Live tracks live events in real-time and recreates them in fully-rendered virtual environments, delivering the best fan experience. Users can join their friends online to watch live events from; the VIP room, the driver's seat, the stands, or even in the pit lane!

Key Features:
-Experience Live events in VR
-Freedom of movement through teleportation
-Ability to create your own viewing experience
-Realism of event supported by other live media: audio from athletes or cars, tv broadcasts, commentary
-Socialize with friends, family, and other fans
-Feel the sense of visiting real world venues and events
-Dual controller navigation for more immersive interaction
-Increased pitlane access
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Virtually Live
Virtually Live
Dátum vydania
20. kvě. 2017