Skyforge - Starter Booster Pack

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This Starter Pack contains numerous valuable items and currencies to help you start in the world of Aelion.
Premium Account (14 days)The Premium Account boosts your rewards in credits and Knowledge of Enemies for killing enemies and completing adventures to 200%. You can also benefit from free transportation across the map and other advantages over a regular account.2.500 ArgentsArgents can be spent in the Skyforge market to obtain cool costumes, mounts or other useful items. You can also exchange Argents for Credits.25.000 CreditsCredits are the main currency in Skyforge, used to progress your character and certain events. You can also spend your credits in the market to obtain cool costumes and other useful items.1.000 Knowledge of EnemiesKnowledge of Enemies allows you to improve your character, unlock additional abilities and gain more might. This is the main resource required to progress in Skyforge.5 StimulantsIf things are not going as fast as you would like, Stimulants are the way to go. Use them to finish quests faster and unlock more power for your character.
Important: You will not be able to use a Steam-purchased Collector's Edition or Starter Kit on any account that was not created via Steam. If your account was created pre-Steam integration, or you created it via the MyCom launcher from our official website, simply head to our website store page instead.
This DLC will be delivered to the server that your FIRST log into after purchasing it. Please ensure that you log into the server that zou want to receive these items and currencies on (Server selection is available in the Game Center, after launching the game from your Steam library).
Skyforge's unique server architecture supports one server per geographic region. Our server regions currently include servers in NA and EU. Purchases made through services in each of these regions can only be used on characters in the same region.
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Allods Team
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13. dub. 2017