Malzbie's Pinball Collection

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Malzbie’s Pinball Collection by Malzbie Games presents pinball tables in the style of the 1990s that could have actually existed this way, but have never been built in real life. Completely physically calculated gaming features, realistic graphics, stunning sounds and the animated dot matrix display give the feeling of the good old days back to you!
Download now and you’ll get the table “Time to Fight Back” for free!
In “Time to Fight Back” your planet is attacked by a hostile power and there is only one way left to withstand: fight back!
Weaken your enemy in five missions with up to five balls at the same time and win the fight once and for all!
Hide and gather your pilots in an energy cloud, in order to attack as a squadron.
Find your enemy’s spy.
Assemble your best pilots in your hangar, in order to fight together in enemy territory.
Ward off the enemy’s wave of attack.
Destroy the enemy base and wipe out all enemies in your region.The tables “Carnival” and “The Garden”, available as DLC, are started from within this Collection and can be tested in advance. More tables will be added in the months to come and will then also be available as DLC.
My goal is to create the most realistic and diverse pinball collection that has ever been featured. This is why I do without special effects and only use elements that would be technically feasible in real pinball tables as well.
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Malzbie Games
Malzbie Games
Dátum vydania
27. říj. 2017